Harp Models

The number in the model name refers to the number of strings on the harp. All Dusty Strings harps are made with the same high-quality hardware and are built to the same exacting standards. For more information on the differences between harp models, see our easy Harp Finder or detailed specification chart or give us a call!

Laminated wood is another word for plywood, which is made of multiple thin layers of wood glued together to form a panel. In middle and lower priced instruments, plywood is often used because it saves time over working with solid wood. It is a strong and durable material and tends to be less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. When made well, plywood instruments sound quite nice, although a comparable instrument made of solid wood would typically have more resonance, clarity, depth and richness of tone. We use the highest grade of plywood available.

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Ravenna Line

Ravennas are our most affordable harps, with a soundbox made of laminated birch, and a neck and pillar of solid ash.

Allegro/Crescendo Line

These are our mid-priced harps, with a laminated birch soundboard. Sides, back, neck and pillar are solid sapele.

FH Line

Our top-of-the-line harps, the FH models are made of all solid wood and come in a choice of five hardwoods.


Our double-strung harp is part of the solid-wood FH line, but is unique in that it has two side-by-side sets of strings, allowing for intricate arrangements on a small harp.


Similar in materials and construction to the Ravenna 34, the Boulevard Classic 34 has higher-tension concert gut strings and is designed for classical repertoire.


Cases, stands, pickups, books and more!


There are a variety of options available, including Camac levers, gut strings and decorative abalone inlay.


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