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Harp Finder

Whether you've just fallen in love with the sound of the harp, or you already play and are looking for a new instrument, this chart can be a starting place for narrowing things down. You can click on any of the words to find out more about what they mean. Clicking on the model names will bring up a photo and a short description, plus a link to more detailed information about that particular instrument. While this is a good way to begin sorting out the differences between all the models, we are always happy to give you a more personalized "guided tour" over the phone, based on the particular things you are looking for in a harp.

For more detailed specifications, see our Harp Comparison Chart.

drawing of 26-string harp being played
drawing of 34-string harp being played
drawing of 36-string harp being played

26 Strings
34 Strings
36 Strings
Laminated soundbox and soundboard with solid wood neck and pillar

Ravenna 26

Ravenna 34

Boulevard Classic 34
Laminated soundboard with solid wood body, neck and pillar

Allegro 26

Crescendo 34
All solid wood


FH26 Double-strung