Harp Tuning Wrenches

Top: Standard Wrench, Bottom: Custom Wrench (in bubinga)
harp wrench shaft only
Shaft only for standard wrench (includes roll pin)

Tuning Wrenches with Star Tip

for Dusty Strings tuning pins



Custom - Bubinga

Due to export regulations, bubinga is available within the U.S. only.


Custom - Maple


Standard Shaft Only

(includes roll pin)


Star-tip tuning wrenches for use on Dusty Strings harp tuning pins are available with a T-handle or an ergonomic custom handle. The wrench opening is .180" to fit pins with .176" tips. You can also buy just the standard wrench shafts and insert them in your own handles. The shafts have a 1/8" hole for the included roll pin.

Universal Tuning Wrench

for any harp tuning pins


Dusty Strings developed the Universal Harp Tuning Wrench to be fully adjustable in order to accommodate the full range of tuning pin sizes used on antique and modern pedal and lever harps. It can be sized to fit any square-headed tuning pin, regardless of manufacturer.

adjustable tip of the universal harp tuning wrench
Universal Wrench