Lever Markers

color rings for marking harp tuning pins
Color Rings used to mark tuning pins
color rings for marking sharping levers
Color Rings on lever handles
accidental rings for marking sharping lever changes
Accidental Rings

Color Rings

for marking the C and F sharping levers or tuning pins

Red & Blue


Red & Black


All Black


Custom made in red and blue (like the C and F strings), these small rubber rings are designed to slip onto your harp's tuning pins or lever handles. When used on the tuning pins, they give you a color cue on that side of the harp to help with tuning. On the sharping levers they provide a quick visual reference which can be a lifesaver in low-light situations or when quick lever flips are needed.

Each package contains fourteen rings. We offer three color varieties of these useful rings. Most lever harp players like the set of seven red and seven blue rings. Pedal harpists tend to prefer the seven red and seven black set for their tuning pins. Those who want a more subtle-looking but effective tactile cue like the all black set of fourteen rings.

These rings position really well on Loveland and Camac levers. They also go on Truitt and Robinson levers easily, although they slide up and down the shaft as you raise and lower those levers. They will fit all harp tuning pins, including zither pins.

Note: If you have difficulty getting them on to thicker lever handles, try soaking them in hot tap water for a few minutes, or putting them in a paper bag and warming them with a hair dryer.

Accidental Rings

5 yellow & 5 white, for marking lever changes in a specific piece.


Do you have trouble seeing (or remembering!) the sharping levers you need to flip in the middle of a piece? If so, you'll love our white and yellow Accidental Rings. Just slip them on the appropriate levers before you begin playing a piece to give yourself a visual cue of which ones to flip.

They are larger than our color rings so you can easily install and remove them between pieces. They even work on levers that already have a red or blue color ring on them. These work well on Loveland levers. They fit somewhat more loosely on Truitt, Robinson and Camac levers. Now you can confidently flip on the fly! Set of five yellow and five white rings.

Lever Caps

Make Loveland levers easier to see and grip.


Custom made in red, blue and black, these small vinyl caps are designed to press over the ends of Loveland lever handles. The red and blue caps clearly mark your C and F strings and provide a strong visual reference that can be a real help in low-light situations. The black caps cover the rest of the levers for a consistent look and feel. Lever caps also give the levers a softer, "grippier" feel.

For harps with newer-style Loveland levers (the new style has oblong red and blue dots instead of round), the caps are a very tight fit. It is possible to get them on and they will be very secure once they're installed, but be prepared for a struggle! You will need to warm up the caps (you can use hot water, a hair dryer or a lamp) to make them pliable enough to fit over the levers.

Each package contains 33 black, 8 red and 8 blue caps - enough for a 40-string harp plus a few extras.

Note: The lever caps do not fit well on Camac levers because the handles are not all the same size.

Lever caps