Electronic Tuner

korg electronic tuner
Korg CA-1 electronic tuner
korg electronic tuner
korg electronic tuner with pickup clipped onto a harp

This compact, LCD needle-style chromatic tuner works great for hammered dulcimers and harps.

Korg CA-2

electronic tuner


Clip-on Pickup

for electronic tuner


Features of the Korg CA-2 electronic tuner include:

  • eight octaves of pitch detection
  • large note name display and easy-to-read meter
  • calibration supports pitches from A410 to A480
  • plays one octave of reference pitches through its internal speaker
  • approximately 200 hours of use from two included AAA batteries
  • ¼" input jack for optional clip-on tuner pickup

The optional clip-on pickup connects your instrument directly to your tuner, providing a clear signal from the instrument. It makes a big difference in ease of tuning, especially in noisy environments.

Note: the clip-on pickup does not function as a tuner on its own.


duo tune combination harp tuning wrench and electronic tunerHarpists might also want to check out the Dusty Duo Tune. It combines the electronic tuner and tuning wrench into a single object, so everything you need to tune your harp can be held in one hand!


Dulci-tune hammered dulcimer tunerFor dulcimer players, the Dulci-Tune makes tuning a breeze. It sits on a tuning pin and picks up notes directly through the pin, with no need for an extra clip. It can even stay there while you play!