Zither Pins

Top: blued finish, Bottom: nickel finish

Zither pins are available in nickel-plated or blued finish, and in standard or oversize diameters.

Standard Zither Pins (box of 500)

Select color and number of boxes

Minimum Order: 1 box (500 zither pins)

Bulk Prices: $0.23 per pin for 500, $0.205 per pin for 1000+ (applied in shopping cart)

If you are interested in ordering larger quantities, please give us a call. If you need smaller quantities than we can provide, check out Musicmakers Kits.


  • 1.75" long
  • .198" diameter
  • #13 or 3/16" drill bit

If you need zither pins that will fit .060" nylon harp strings, Musicmakers Kits can provide zither pins with enlarged holes.

Oversize Zither Pins (sold individually)

Select color and quantity

Bulk Prices: $2.00 ea for 25+, $1.50 ea for 50+, $1.00 ea for 100+ (applied in shopping cart)


  • 1.75" long
  • .208" diameter
  • Perfect for replacing loose pins