Hammered Dulcimer Books and DVDs


Hammered Dulcimer Fundamentals

DVD with Jamie Janover


Basic building blocks that all players can apply to their playing right away, regardless of ability level or musical style. Topics include instrument parts and setup, holding the hammers, sticking technique, percussion rudiments, rolls, triplet feel, finding chords and scales, playing chord progressions and improvisation. (95 min.)


Hammered Dulcimer Infinite Possibilities

DVD with Jamie Janover


A wealth of information to help every player, from beginners through professionals, become more proficient and make their music more exciting. Topics include hammer techniques, percussion techniques, rolls, major and minor chords and scales, improvisation, soloing over a chord progression, odd time signatures, advanced rhythmic techniques, tips for playing live, and advice for the professional. (113 min.)


Hammer Dulcimer: A Comprehensive Beginner's Course

DVD with John McCutcheon


The next best thing to a personal lesson with John McCutcheon, this DVD is the ideal introduction for beginning players. McCutcheon explains the set-up of the instrument and addresses such essentials as holding the hammers, coordinating the hands, and developing special techniques. Several tunes and variations are included. (90 min.)


Beginning Hammered Dulcimer

book and CD by Linda Lowe Thompson


This nicely produced set starts with a short introduction on learning techniques and approach, followed by a repertoire-building collection of 43 tunes in both standard notation (melody line only) and tablature. The recordings have all the tunes played exactly as they are written in the book. (42 pages, spiral bound)


Hammered Dulcimer Notebook

book and 2 CDs by Linda Lowe Thompson


A rich and accessible source of tunes and information, this set builds on the basics taught in Beginning Hammered Dulcimer by developing and encouraging the creative aspects of playing. Techniques for embellishing and arranging melodies are illustrated using 123 tunes written out in both tablature and standard notation, with plenty of tips and instructions. Tunes are played on the CDs exactly as written. Charming graphics and historical tidbits are a bonus. (155 pages, spiral bound)


Hammered Dulcimer Christmas

book by Linda Lowe Thompson


This third superb book from Thompson contains 46 traditional and lesser-known carols. Chord symbols, tips on simplifying arrangements, and suggestions for accompanying singers make this book appropriate for all players from intermediate to advanced ability. (94 pages, spiral bound)