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Hammered Dulcimers

The word "dulcimer" is used to refer both to the hammered or hammer dulcimer and to the mountain or Appalachian dulcimer, and although the repertoire often overlaps, they are actually quite different instruments. The mountain dulcimer typically has four strings and is played by fretting the strings and plucking or strumming them, whereas the hammered dulcimer has many strings and is played by striking the strings with wooden hammers or mallets. Find out more about the hammered dulcimer here.

We make our hammered dulcimers in a variety of sizes and in both traditional and chromatic tuning schemes. Finding the combination that's right for you will have a lot to do with the styles of music you're interested in playing, as well as your learning style and the degree of portability you want. We suggest browsing the Hammered Dulcimer Finder to help narrow down the choices. As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call!

New Models

Joining a family of chromatic dulcimers that have long been loved for their incredibly warm, vibrant bass,articulate tone, and expressive dynamic range, the D670 and D570 incorporate a new feature - the ability to play the lowest “super bass” notes on both the left and the right side of the instrument. For years, players have asked to have the super bass on the right, and working closely with our design partner, Sam Rizzetta, we’ve found a way to offer this without compromising tone, volume or playability. A unique stereo-like effect, where the bass notes seem to emanate from both sides of the instrument, surrounds the player with sound.

The D670, with 41/2 octaves, delivers the most in range and presence. The D570, with 31/2+ octaves, features the same design and performance criteria in a smaller, more portable size. In addition to the convenient bridge arrangement, a number of other features and improvements contribute to an amazing playing experience:

  • Dual-density bridge system for even, balanced sound throughout the range, highlighting the sparkle of the treble notes and the warmth and responsiveness of the bass notes
  • Optional dampers that are quick, responsive and capable of nuance
  • Updated bracing system for more vibrant highs
  • Careful engineering to optimize string clearances and cross-over points for easy, accurate and dynamic playing
  • Carbon fiber-reinforced bracing for outstanding tuning stability

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