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Hammered Dulcimers

The word "dulcimer" is used to refer both to the hammered or hammer dulcimer and to the mountain or Appalachian dulcimer, and although the repertoire often overlaps, they are actually quite different instruments. The mountain dulcimer typically has four strings and is played by fretting the strings and plucking or strumming them, whereas the hammered dulcimer has many strings and is played by striking the strings with wooden hammers or mallets. Find out more about the hammered dulcimer here.

We make our hammered dulcimers in a variety of sizes and in both traditional and chromatic tuning schemes. Finding the combination that's right for you will have a lot to do with the styles of music you're interested in playing, as well as your learning style and the degree of portability you want. We suggest browsing the Hammered Dulcimer Finder to help narrow down the choices. As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call!

Featured Dulcimer

We got inspired to build a tricked-out D550 with the famously beautiful combination of black top, curly maple trim and abalone inlay. The D550 features the lush sound and gorgeous detailing of our Chromatic Series in a relatively portable, mid-size instrument with an extended bass range. If you want to treat your eyes as well as your ears, this could be the dulcimer for you! Dampers and Tristander are also available options. Case is priced separately.

Price: $3645 SOLD


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