Quiz: Which harp wood are you?

Sep 15, 2016

Are you a bold bubinga person or an understated walnut person? Did you choose the harp that matches your personality, or did opposites attract? Take this quiz to find out!


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Posted by Jane Morris Burr on
Interesting, I have 2 bubinga harps and no walnut harp.
Posted by Miriam on
My quiz result was Sapele, but I recently purchased a Bubinga harp. Both have a beautiful wood grain, though. I'm pleased with my choice. :-)
Posted by Marcia on
I'm supposed to be "walnut". I have a bubinga harp and a cherry wood harp - but no walnut.
I prefer the crisp sound of the bubinga :-)
Posted by Kelly Anderson on
I got cherry, coincidentally I do play a Dusty Strings 36 string figured cherry harp! I love it so much, thank you.
Posted by Karen Nelson on
I rated as a Bubinga, and miraculously, I have one. However, my next harp (ordering next month) will be cherry. I love my Dusty's and can't wait to welcome the new one to the family.
Posted by Diana Beaumont on
I have two walnuts...and I tested "walnut wallflower" understated. That's my comfort level and that's my good walnut mellow, subdued harps and harp style of playing.
Posted by Maura on
LOL! I have a bubinga which I love!!! Opposites attract?
Posted by Ceci on
Mine came out to be walnut which is exactly what I own. Fun!!
Posted by Jennifer on
Bingo! Bubinga, which I selected after many hours of test driving the different harps in your store and which I plug into an amp whenever possible.
Posted by Martha Robards on
I took the quiz just for fun and was pleasantly surprised to find that I am 'walnut' which is just what I purchased from DS two years ago. I love the warm mellow tones and the beautiful wood grain!
Posted by Judy on
Even though mu quiz resulted in declaring me "walnut,"I love my beautiful, resonant, bubinga harp. I bought it at Virginia Harp Center because it had the best sound of any of the harps displayed in the showroom.
Posted by Biagio on
Interesting! Cherry is my wood of choice when I make a lever harp, but honestly I prefer bubinga to play.
Posted by Glenda on
How funny! I got Walnut which I love but I have a couple of carbon fibre harps!
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