2016 Summer Harp Festivals

Jun 15, 2016


The American Harp Society Conference and the Somerset Folk Harp Festival are coming up, and we're preparing to pack up and ship a whole bunch of harps! Don't forget that you don't need to be registered as an attendee in order to visit the booths. Both festivals have a low-priced one-day ticket that will get you into the vendor hall so you can try harps to your heart's content. We hope to see you there!

After many years of shipping pallets of harps, accessories, tools and booth gear from our workshop in Seattle to harp festivals in other parts of the country, we've got the process finely honed. (See this post for some pictures of how it all works.) We usually have it all planned out, and we like being able to tell you ahead of time exactly which harps will be at each upcoming festival. However, because of the timing this year, we'll be sending some things straight from Atlanta to New Jersey without being able to re-organize at home in between, and we don't know yet exactly which harps will be at Somerset. We've made our best guesses and included the usual teaser photos, but don't hold us to the specifics!

Harps at the American Harp Society Conference in Atlanta, June 30th - July 3rd

  • Ravenna 26
  • Ravenna 34 in black with a pickup
  • Allegro 26
  • FH26 in cherry
  • Boulevard Classic 34 with a pickup
  • Crescendo 34
  • FH34 in walnut
  • FH36S in walnut with Camac levers and gut strings
  • FH36S in cherry with cherry blossom inlay, Camac levers and a pickup
  • FH36S in bubinga with Camac levers

Harps at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival in Parsippany, NJ, July 21st - 24th

  • Ravenna 26
  • Ravenna 34 standard
  • Ravenna 34 in black with a pickup
  • Boulevard Classic 34 with a pickup
  • Allegro 26
  • Crescendo 34 with Loveland levers
  • Crescendo 34 with Camac levers
  • FH26 in walnut or cherry
  • FH26 Double-strung in maple
  • FH26 Double-strung in cherry
  • FH34 in walnut (or possibly an orphan harp)
  • FH34 in cherry with Camac levers, gut strings and a pickup
  • FH36S in walnut with Camac levers
  • FH36S in cherry with cherry blossom inlay, Camac levers and a pickup
  • FH36S in bubinga with Camac levers


FH36S in cherry with cherry blossom inlay and Camac levers


FH36S in bubinga with Camac levers


Allegro 26 in unusual highly-figured sapele



FH34 in walnut



FH26 in cherry


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Posted by Kathy Matthews on
Three things:
1. Ray, I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you at the International Harp Festival in Danville, CA. Hearing about your production process and how you've solved various design and material challenges over the years was REALLY interesting. Please know that I'm saving my pennies to get my own Dusty Strings instead of using Ellie Choate's!
2. I love the cherry blossom inlay on the cherry harp! I don't see that option on the web site. Do you offer other decorative options besides the Abalone Celtic knot and the soundboard border?
3. Keep doing what you do!
Posted by Ray Mooers on
Hi Kathy,
Thanks for your comments. It was fun meeting you too and "talking shop" with a very capable and tool savvy harpist! We would be honored to build a harp just for you.We love the new cherry blossom inlay as well. We don't have it on the price lists yet as we are trying to gauge what customers think of it. The one pictured is just the second one we've done outside of our prototypes. The first was sent to a customer in Japan adorning a figured cherry FH36S just in time for their cherry blossom season! The stem is made of wenge wood, the blossoms are maple with a bit of dye to color the petal interiors and if you look close, the leaf buds are green, a naturally occurring color found in poplar wood. It's a treat for the eyes and designed to not be overbearing. So, I guess we know what you think of it! Thanks. Anyone else want to weigh in on this?

At the moment the Celtic Knot, abalone soundboard surround and the Cherry Blossom are the only options we have. We're admittedly a bit conservative on our decorative options and love to let the beauty of the solid wood speak first followed by a little tasteful eye candy! Should we offer more options? We're listening...
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