How to load an FH36 in its case

Apr 05, 2016

If you've ever wrestled with a new case for your Dusty 36 and thought to yourself, "There's no way this harp fits in this case!" don't despair. You're not alone, you're not crazy, and it will get easier!

The cases are an extremely tight fit when they're new. They are custom-designed to fit this particular harp model like a glove in order to provide the best protection and make the case as easy as possible to carry. They also stretch out over the years, and if the fit was loose to begin with, it would end up being very sloppy after a few years, and would not do as good a job of protecting the harp.

In spite of the rationale, we know it's a pain to get the harp in the first few times, and you'll probably wonder at least once whether we actually sent you the right case. To help you get over the initial hurdle, we've put together a video sharing some of the tips we've learned over the years. Feel free to add your comments if you have any additional pointers to share!

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Edit: If you're interested in trying a different method, Ann Robinson very kindly shared this video of the way she does it. She starts by hanging the case on the harp while it's standing up.

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Posted by Suzanne Sourwine on
Thank goodness that it isn't just me! I have actually stood IN the case to keep it open while loading the bottom part! I sometimes also stand it up and let gravity help after it is in. I guess my harp hasn't spent enough time in the case to stretch it out yet - a year now! I do love my case and it does seem to be very protective.
Posted by Jen Narkevicius on
Great post! Life with my case has always been like the "bonus feature" - so from the beginning i learned to bring the case along side the harp, slip off my shoes, stand in the case, spread my feet, lift the harp into the case, set the foot in place, step out of the case, lower the harp in, check the foam and zip -- Works like a charm. Also stops well meaning people from "helping" after a gig because there's no apparent struggle! My case has loosened up but still fits snugly.
Posted by Aedan MacDonnell on
My Dustys are several years old and the cases sometimes don't want to stand up, but flop over. I find that putting one foot in the case and then putting the base in helps. Of course then you should remove your foot. I also find that hanging the case in the closet (put the strap at the top of the harp over a sturdy coat hanger, wooden ones work great) helps to keep the case from folding and drooping, making it easier to get the harp in the case. You want to avoid folding the case during storage.
Posted by Diana Beaumont on
Some (naughty) person who shall remain nameless once commented, "What we need here is a harp SPECULUM!" The whole room broke into fits of giggles at that one! (Only a woman would understand )
Posted by admin on
We've actually done the "stand in case" method quite a lot, but for some reason we thought we should try to present a more refined and dignified approach. Glad to know we're not alone either!
Posted by Sally Verrinder on
It's a harp case speculum! Yes, that was a fun afternoon and I am not naughty!
Posted by Jenny Andersen on
Thank you! Even though my harp is old, it hasn't spent much time in its case, so I appreciate this tutorial.

P.S. I've found the best aid to harp-in-case is a strong, helpful husband. :-)
Posted by Balfour Knight on
I have thoroughly enjoyed these videos and comments about putting the FH36S in her case! Thank goodness that Ray was with us last October when we purchased our "Cherie" and attempted to put her in the case! His tips were most helpful. It is quite a bit better now, since we take her out to almost all of our harp gigs where our pedal harp is not required. Sue, we LOVE the "bonus blooper" one of you--it has happened to me, and that is when it is so wonderful to have a strong, helpful wife to help me do this job!
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