Dulci-Tune: The Newest Tool for Dulcimer Players

Dec 10, 2014

Meet our newest musician's tool, the electronic tuner designed specifically for dulcimer players!

Dulci-Tune in action

Compact, simple and elegant, it sits on any tuning pin and is ready when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. The flexible shaft and 360-degree rotating display allow for easy viewing, and it will accurately pick up the entire range of the instrument from one position. The colored LCD display is easy to read in the dark and features a visual metronome as well, making this an ideal tool for performers needing to quickly check their tuning or tempo in between pieces.

If you’re used to carefully balancing a tuner on your dulcimer so it doesn’t buzz or slide onto the floor, tuning with the Dulci-Tune will seem like a dream! If you have discovered the joys of compact, clip-on tuners, you’ll appreciate the Dulci-Tune’s durable reinforced connections and precision-machined metal parts, and the convenience of leaving it attached while you play.

Dulci-Tune electronic tuner

The Dulci-Tune works on any instrument with zither pins, including hammered dulcimers, psalteries, harpsichords, autoharps, kanteles and zithers.

Click here for more details and online ordering.

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Posted by Linda Ross on
I would totally pay $29.99 for this product. I can get the Snark SN-8 Tuner for $13.13 on Amazon with free shipping. I love the tuning peg attachment, but for a difference of over $73 with shipping, I'd rather just fuss with the guitar clip.

If you decide to offer this product at a more reasonable price, people would totally go for it. You'd recoup your development expenses and turn a profit way faster than you will by praying on naive beginners who don't realize what how inflated this price is.
Posted by admin on
Thanks for your comments Linda. We actually had a very similar reaction to the price tag here when we added up how much it was going to cost us to make this! We’ve worked hard with our parts suppliers to keep their prices as low as possible. We tried everything we could think of to lower the price, but we would have had to let go of either the functionality or the durability. In the end, we liked using it so much that we didn't want to settle for something less or to scrap the project completely.

Aside from the tuner head, the Dulci-Tune takes three separate custom-machined parts and a fair amount of assembly time in our workshop here in Seattle, all of which dictate the price tag. We are a small local business, and this is a low-volume, specialty product. We can't compete with Amazon or with mass produced and mass marketed products but we do take our pricing decisions very seriously, and if we could sell the Dulci-Tune for less, we absolutely would!

We know that a custom device like this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and we fully support players who feel that an inexpensive clip-on Snark will serve their purposes just fine, especially the budget-minded beginner. In fact, we sell lots of them in our retail store here in Seattle. For us, the Dulci-Tune provides a very specific functionality that we haven't found anywhere else, and it is designed to be a long-lasting, professional tool.

Hopefully that gives you a more understandable context for the price!
Posted by robert lipscomb on
This is a very good product for the following:
1. no cables or clips
2. faster to tune ( i like the color bands)
3. I leave it on the dulcimer and find it easy to keep my instrument in tune by checking while playing
4. The price is in line with the quality

Thanks Bob
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