Time Capsule: The Ravenna House c.1980

Oct 08, 2014

We've told you the story of how Dusty Strings came to be, and now we're sharing a snapshot (well, a few snapshots) of the first few years and the particular place where it all began. Take yourself back to 1980...

This is the Ravenna House.

Ravenna House-3.jpg

Hammered dulcimers, such as these...

Ravenna House-1.jpg

Ravenna House-10.jpg

are built in the basement shop...

Ravenna House-9.jpg

Ravenna House-5.jpg

by these people...

Ravenna House-7.jpg

and displayed in the living room...

Ravenna House-8.jpg

Ravenna House-2.jpg

while wood is stored in the garage, the office work is done in the spare bedroom, customers come to the house at odd hours and there is dust everywhere. In spite of limited space, the company is rapidly growing from 14 dulcimers over the first two years to 132 dulcimers in 1979 to 236 dulcimers in 1980!

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Posted by Joshua Day on
This was a neat post. It's always cool to see how a successful company gets started. I'm so appreciative of your excellent customer service as well. I'm the guy that called you about the PB strings breaking and your help with the issue was above and beyond what I expected. Thank you!

You should do a post about the dulcimer you sold to Rich Mullins!
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