Buzzing Harp Strings

Apr 22, 2014

Is a pesky buzz keeping you from enjoying the beautiful sound of your harp? If so, do not despair, for we have created an interactive troubleshooting guide just for you!

Over 30 years of building harps, we have run into a wide variety of things that can buzz. We’ve seen everything from strings buzzing against their levers to a loose window pane across the room vibrating in sympathy with a particular harp note. It can be a tedious process to figure out where your buzz is coming from, but we’ve found that patiently checking off the possibilities one by one usually gets results.

So when we said interactive, we meant that it’s sort of like a quiz. It will ask you questions, then lead you down a particular path depending on how you answer the questions. You’ll be asked to try different tests and potential solutions along the way, beginning with the things that are either the easiest to test or the most common culprits. It’s easy to go back and change an answer if you decide you made a mistake. Also, if you’re like some of us here and you can’t stand choose-your-own-adventure stories without knowing all the possible outcomes, there is a link at the beginning where you can print out a basic flowchart to follow along with.

The pictures and detailed instructions relate to Dusty Strings harps in particular, but many of the concepts apply more generally to other harps as well. We hope you will find it useful! Click the link below to get started, or look for it on our Harp Support page the next time you’re tearing your hair out over a mystery buzz.

Interactive Guide to Troubleshooting Buzzing Harp Strings

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Posted by Janis on
I wish I'd read this before e-mailing you and asking about this very issue. Thanks so much -- this series of articles answered my question quickly and precisely. I'm relieved to learn that the problem is common and easy to solve. I will head off to the nearest hardware store this weekend to buy two nut drivers and an open-ended wrench!
Posted by admin on
We're so glad you found it helpful!
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